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From the bylanes of the Old City of Hyderabad to international platforms, Jameela Nishat’s Shaheen, an organisation that works with vulnerable women has broken multiple barriers. Through its work in rescue and rehabilitation of vulnerable women and helping those who have been victims of violence to get back on their feet, Shaheen has started important conversations towards structural and social change.


The Suno India Show’ is a weekly news show by Suno India combining slow journalism with under-represented and under-reported stories. Covering the diverse range of topics like politics, technology, education and society, the host brings in informative interviews and engaging discussions with experts. The show not only shines a spotlight on stories that matter but keeps the listeners up to date with the latest national news.


Dear Pari India’s first narrative podcast on child adoption. Aimed at myth-busting and breaking the misconceptions and stigma around the issue, it also highlights the journey of adoptive families in society. Hosted by parents who adopted, Rakesh and Priya, Dear Pari will be interspersed with interviews with parents, adoptees, prospective adoptive parents, counsellors, anti-trafficking experts and government officials along with the parents’ own journey of adopting a child in India. 

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